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Chapter 5-Single uploads now :D Empty Chapter 5-Single uploads now :D

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Chapter 5-Torment

“Why are we in this scumville again?” One of the two shadows on the cracked streets, near the centre of Site 3:5, asks.

“We need to avenge my Grandfather” The other says, slight hint of anger in his voice.

As the two walk, through the streets, it becomes clear to passers-by what the details of the figures are.

The first is a girl, young but fully developed. Thick, war-like make-up covers her cold, white face. She folds her arms, eyes focused on the street ahead of her. Her red top is torn slightly at the bottom, where it should have connected to her dark jeans. Her dark, long hair falls past her shoulders, part of it covering her face but allowing the cross-shaped scar on her forehead to show...hiding the mark of a Ling was extremely dishonourable.

She bites her lip till it bleeds, before licking it up, glad of the slight pain it brought, relieving her of at least a fraction of the deep pit of pain that dwells inside.

The second is a man, a young one, about 18. His black skin has no goose-bumps on account of the deep blue, long-sleeve top he wears. As he walks, his tanned, cotton trousers crease. His eyes are brown and harsh, but his scar stands out, a proud symbol of his origin.

Both Lings stay about two feet away from each other, mainly so that it is clear they are not mating partners: or, as Humans would put it, boy-friend and girl-friend.

Their relationship is more like brother and sister, except it was becoming a brother and brother relationship more and more as the girl strays away from the usual feminine ways that the Lings take.

The girl looks up at the man and stopped walking. The man stops too.

“What is it Nex?” The man asks firmly, not wanting to be put off his mission for much longer.

Nex, the girl, looks up at the stars “He’s really dead, isn’t he” she sighs, instantly blaming the humans for the killing.

The man cracks his neck twice, anger in his eyes, facing away from Nex “Yes...yes he is”

“Rever...I would say sorry if I had a heart anymore” Nex says, managing as much concern as she can into her expression.

The man, Rever, turns around and faces her, smiling faintly “Means a lot”. In truth, it did. Nex rarely show sympathy, or any emotion other than hate, but that’s what the Ling needed right now: hate, anger, bloodlust. If they were going to survive, they needed violent warriors...calmer minds will be needed when peace had been achieved.

What to do with the violent minds at that stage was another matter, best to cross that bridge when they came to it.

Nex tries to smile, but falls short yet again, returning to her natural frown. She blows some of her fringe out of her face before changing the subject, this one was getting too emotional “How long before the Humans are clensed?” She asks, hoping it to be soon, they were winning this war but with a great death toll.

Rever bites his lip, pausing for a second in thought. In his mind, it seems like an eternity has passed, shadows of the world stood still over the dark landscape, other beings frozen in time “If this works...a year, at the most” He replies, finally.

Nex nods, pretending to care, she was just glad the Lings would take over soon. ‘It’s not like any Human meant that much to me anyways...’

Before she could think anymore, a male, white skinned, fair-haired, ling walks up behind her. He places his hands on her hips, deciding to take her as a potential mate.

Nex rolls her eyes and gives Rever the look, telling him that, unless he deals with the fair-haired Ling, there will soon be a fair-haired mess on the street sidewalk.

Rever walks forward and grabs the fair-haired Ling by the neck, tearing him away from Nex. He pulls him up close, before whispering in his ear “Piss off...or do you want your spine sticking out your ass?”

The fair-haired Ling pushes himself away from Rever, giving him a death stare, before quickly turning around, hands in his coat pockets, and walking off, into one of the semi-destroyed houses.

Nex gives a sigh of relief “I hate creeps like that, they know I’m only 14, right?”

Rever shrugs lightly. In truth, she didn’t look 14, more like 18. She was 5’5, wearing clothes that made her look adult, and the make-up supported that purpose. “Most Ling mate by your age, it’s natural”

That was the one thing Nex envied about Humanity; their laws restricting this stuff. “I just want to go, maybe break some guys jaw”

Rever was weary of her aggressive attitude, and worried wasn’t helping the Ling’s cause “Chill out a bit...”

The reply he got was one that scared everyone within a mile’s radius of him. It was a fuming Nex, screaming at the top of her voice “NEVER TELL A GIRL TO CHILL OUT!”

Rex backed up slightly, before taking command once more “Nex...don’t make me kiss you...” He gave an evil smile, knowing that would make Nex back did.

Nex returned to her normal, pale self “Ok...let’s just continue with the plan...”

Rever nodded, and walked down the street, Nex following him like a dog follows his master...ready to bite him. ‘Soon Nex’ She thought to herself ‘Soon...’


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