Waking Umber: Prologue and Chapter 1

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Should i turn this into an RPG?

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Waking Umber: Prologue and Chapter 1 Empty Waking Umber: Prologue and Chapter 1

Post  Umbreon101 on Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:41 pm

just something im working on. hopefully, if i get any auditions on scratch, i can make it an animation series. for now, its a story.

Waking Umber

“Uhg… wh-where am I?” a black kit squeaked. Her green eyes sparkled as she looked at the gray, X-shaped mark on her shoulder. She blinked as she realized she was looking at fur. She turned her head to see a red-brown stripe running along her back. “Wh-what happened?”
“Umber, you must have had a bad dream or something.” a gray face emerged from behind a bush. The face was outlined with beige fur.
The black cat, Umber, tilted her head.
“Don’t tell me you don’t recognize your own sister.” laughed the beige cat.
Sister? I don’t have a sister. Umber thought. She shook her head and pretended she knew what the cat was saying. It then hit her. I’m talking to a cat! This must be a dream!
She closed her eyes, but when she opened them, she saw the cat standing in front of her.
“Ivory, Umber! Where are you?” a voice called.
Umber played along and padded after the cat, Ivory, as if nothing happened, and acted like nothing had happened for a while.
Umber liked life as a cat, though she knew she wasn’t one. This is all a dream. she kept reminding herself.
Her life as a cat went on for five moons longer, before she had to join the wild cats.
The Forest Hunters.

Chapter 1
“Mama, where are we?” a small voice mewed.
“Almost… to where we need… to go…” rasped a calico she-cat, the red-brown patch on her forehead gleaming slightly in the moonlight. “Almost to the Forest Hunters…”
The calico cat, Pearl, licked her kits’ heads in turn; a black kit, then a beige one.
They raced through the dark forest until they reached a hollow, where Pearl collapsed. “Ivory, Umber, go down that hollow… you’ll find an… old friend of mine… Tell her my name… you shall become one with the forest… both of you…”
“Mama, no! We wont leave you!” mewed the black kit, Umber.
“I-I must go… and join the ranks… of the Sky Hunters…” Pearl rasped, licking the ears of her kits.
“No, you can’t leave us!” Ivory, the beige kit, squeaked. “You can’t!”
A brown tabby she-cat came bounding up the slope of the hollow. “Pearl?” she asked, looking at the calico. Umber noticed a moon-shape on her shoulder. Who was this mysterious cat? “Pearl, it’s moon. Come, the healer shall help you.”
Pearl shook her head. “It’s too late…” she mewed weakly. “My kits, I must leave you with the Forest Hunters… I’m sorry, but… I must… g… o…” her voice trailed off, her flank heaved once, and she lay still, moonlight glinting on her calico pelt.
“Mama! No!” Ivory wailed. She burst into tears and burrowed her muzzle into her mother’s flank, as if that would bring her back for the Sky Hunters. Umber knew it would be no help, but she lay beside the dead she-cat and a tear dripped down her face onto her muzzle.
I thought you would lead me back to my old life… Why did you eat that piece of carrion, why? she thought. A voice in the back of her head told her she would find her old life, if she looked.
“I am sorry for your loss. We shall bring your mother down to the hollow, where you may sit a vigil.” the tabby mewed. She seemed as sorrowful as the kits. This must be Mama’s old friend… Umber thought.
“I would rather stay here,” Ivory mewed. “At least until the sun rises.” she added, looking at how low the moon was in the sky through a gap in the trees. She looked at her mother, and rested a paw on her eyelid, pulling it gently down. “Now she can have rest,” she whispered, more to herself then to the others.
“If you wish… Oh, and by the way, my name is Moon,” she pointed her nose towards the moon shape on her shoulder before bowing slightly and racing down the hollow.

The sun was nearly up, and the sibling still sat a vigil, but the had both fallen asleep.
Umber was now awake, lost in thought. This is the last time we will ever sleep with Mama. though Umber, a pang of sorrow flooded through Umber as she came to this realization, and her closed her eyes to make the thought go away.
In that moment, she saw tan creatures wearing black pelts, walking towards a box with another one of the creatures laying inside it. The creature looked like a she-creature, her black hair laid out around her scrawny neck that looked too small for her head. The she-creatures eyes were close, and she also wore black. Her skin was much paler than the other creatures‘, and she was motionless, while the others breathed, blinked, and spoke a language Umber could not understand. A few of the creatures were sitting on wooden things held together with metal and a type of pelt, tears dripping down their faces.
They’re grieving. Umber thought. The one in the box must be dead.
A prod in her side woke her from her daydream.
“Come on, Moon’s taking us to our new home!” Ivory mewed.
“I can’t wait to get there! I’ll race you!” Umber challenged.
“You’re on!” Ivory mewed. “One, two, three, go!”
The kits dashed off towards the hollow, Moon right in front of them, guiding the way.

Thats all so far. ive been working on this for about an hour, so dont point out any typos. im tired, and its currently 11:40.

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Waking Umber: Prologue and Chapter 1 Empty Re:Waking Umber: Prologue and Chapter 1

Post  dragonlover13 on Sun Apr 10, 2011 4:07 pm

I think it would make a cool series, but not an RPG.

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