Random thingy I'm starting... if you wanna join just join in

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Random thingy I'm starting... if you wanna join just join in

Post  Italia on Tue Apr 17, 2012 3:23 pm

(So I don't feel like posting rules and information; this is a sort of a go-with-the-flow thing. So just join in and enjoy.)

The young man was leaning his head against the back of the bus seat, smiling slightly, his eyes closed and ear buds in. Nodding his head to the beat, Tajin listened to the Police song, "Roxane." The man's skin was tanned and his hair was dark, of Indian descent, and he was about 18 or 19 by the looks of him, and very handsome at that.. The song was getting to the best part, "I won't see you with another girl. Rooox-anne!" Sting's voice flowed into his ears and mind as he listened, grinning slightly at his secret: The song could actually relate to him. His smile turned from slightly mischievous to slightly wistful when he thought of his love, Palin.

As he thought of the girl, with her blue eyes flecked golden and hair orange-red, two slim arms wrapped tightly around his neck from the back seat. He gagged and choked as they tightened painfully. A face, slim and small, peered out from the other seat. She had blonde hair and hazel eyes, an evil grin on her face. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I don't really want to do this." Her face said otherwise. "But, my dear, it's orders."


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