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Post  dragonlover13 on Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:07 pm

Yeah, I did Nanowrimo this year. Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It's in November, and I finally finished my novel. So here it is cuz I have nothing better to do. Oh, and by the way, it's called Celestial Blood. And I have a WHOLE lot of errors. I haven't had anyone edit it yet.


The Battles

Part One- Poltergeist’s Journal


The first time I woke up, I looked up at the light above me. The steel table behind me was ice cold. I raised my head slightly to look around the room I was lying in. It defiantly wasn’t home. At all. Unless my house was remodeled so it looked like a doctors office. Then I slipped back into sleep.


I woke up laying in a hospital bed. My first though was ‘Where the hell am I?’ Maybe laying on that steel table was a dream, but I don’t think it was. What about last night? Was that all a dream too? Or more of a nightmare. I don’t think getting tied up, gagged, and stuffed in a bag counts as a dream.

And how could it all have been a dream? I think I was kidnapped. Why else would I wake up in some unfamiliar place. Unless everything I remember before this was a dream. No. That wouldn’t make sense. It must be real. That’s my only explanation. There are footsteps ... drawing closer.


That table wasn’t a dream. Here I am again, lying splayed out on the it. this time there’re more machines beeping and whirring around me. Several carts are scattered around the room, each containing expensive-looking medical equipment. There are more footsteps.


I wake up again bak in the hospital bed. There’s still an IV in my arm. I wonder what happened while I was out. I don’t remember much after I heard the footsteps and hid this - my journal. A doctor came in and strapped my legs and arms to the steel table. Then the doctor inserted and IV in my arm. They attached several machines, and then gave me a shot. I slowly blacked out. My head is throbbing again.
Judging by the window, it’s night. I’m going to try and sleep. I feel ... tired.


This morning, a lady came in with a tray of food. She was short, but slender with black hair and lavender eyes. She left it by my bed, and left. Slowly, I reached over and grabbed the tray. She didn’t come back. It was good food, considering I’m in some insane hospital.
I wonder why I’m here. I’m not sick, and I know I haven’t broken anything. It doesn’t make sense. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.


The lady from before was back. Apparently, she’s my ‘creator’. I have no idea what she’s talking abut. According to her, she has to “train me to use my ‘abilities’.” She said she ‘unlocked’ part of my brain which gave me an ability. And I have to fight with some other people who were ‘chosen’ like me. They also have ‘abilities’.
She said I have ‘celestial blood’ and that’s why I was ‘chosen’. I say she’s lost her sanity. Once people start making up stuff like ‘celestial blood’ you know they've lost it.
On the slightly better side, I have a guess as to where I am. I probably am wrong, though. There are rumors around the globe of a secret lab. According to the rumors, all the governments know about it. They all send scientists to it in an attempt to keep their countries from being affected by it. Apparently they - the scientists- kidnap people and take them to their lab. The people never are known to come back.
And it does make more sense. At the beginning of every year, there are reports from all around the globe of missing people. 16 missing people. I wonder if I’m in one of their labs. But the labs are just a rumor. Maybe I’m hallucinating right now. No. All this dream or hallucination stuff is all to explain where I am. But I can’t be the judge of that. That lady can, though. When she gets back in her, I’m going to ask her. And expect answers.


Finally, that lady came back. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t form a single word. I think I’m mute now.
But she did tell me what my ‘Ability’ is. Apparently, I can ‘Summon ghosts to aid me’. That’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard someone tell me. It’s not anything close to logical. I mean, she said ‘summoning ghosts’. Who sane human tells someone they can ‘summon ghosts’? No one I can think of.
And she’s going to train me to defeat other people that also have ‘abilities’. Stuff like ‘Mind reading’ and ‘Growing animal appendages’. And she expects me to believe that.
She did inadvertently verify the rumors. She said there were 16 different people they had ‘taken’ to be ‘unlocked’. Just like the rumors say. And by ‘taken’ I take she means ‘kidnapped’ and by ‘unlocked’ she means ‘given an ‘ability’’.
She also said I had undergone brain surgery to get my ‘ability’. She ‘unlocked’ 5% of my brain to give the ability to me. That’s why I can’t speak. Apparently the ability to speak will come back in time.
She’s going to start ‘training’ me tomorrow. I better get some sleep.


She was serious when she said I could summon ghosts. Today I started training. Training to control my ability. And my voice came back. But something odd happened.
So the lady - her name is Haunt - taught me how to actually summon a spirit.
First you make a circle of objects around you. Any object can be used, exept for gasses. Then you slowly spin around, arms extended to the sides. You start at the first object you added and end at it. Finally you say the words “Poltergeist oder Geist komme mir zu Hilfe”. Then a spirit will appear. She demonstrated, and then sent it off by saying “Lassen Sie meine Seite”.
Then it was my turn to try. I did the spinning in the circle, and said “Poltergeist Oder Geist komme mir zu Hilfe,” like she told me to. I summoned several poltergeists. But then when I said “Lassen Sie meine Seite,” they didn’t leave. No matter how many times I said it, they didn’t leave. So now I’m stuck with them. I hope they don’t kill me while I sleep.


Now I’ve gotten the poltergeists under control, well at least a little. They still enjoy tossing stuff around, but they listen to me. Haunt says that it hasn’t happened to anyone else she’d unlocked. But whatever.
Now I’m proficient with a bow and a spear. I also can command the poltergeists to kill for me. It’s been several months since I last had time to write in here, so I’m glad I can.
Soon is the demonstrations. Where each of the 16 scientists show’s off their experiment. Then the battles. They throw the experiments out into the forest with any weapons they’re proficient with and expected to survive. Even if it means killing the other experiments. She expects me to kill them. All for no reason. I don’t know what to do. I guess I’m stuck doing this ... for now.


It’s the day of demonstrations. I put on a tight, black shirt and a Lilac skirt. I also am wearing a dark red chocker with a skull on it. I need to go and meet the others now.


the demonstrations are finally over. Basically we each took a turn standing on a block while all 16 scientists observed us. Then we mingled with the other experiments. The most stunning were a boy with ice blue hair and lavender eyes, and a girl with Lime green hair and neon yellow eyes. No one really talked, just observed. I better sleep before tomorrow. The Battles start.

Part Two-
Brennan’s Journal


So demonstrations are finally over. I spent the whole time observing. The girl that has Horror, the boy that has Hidden, and the girl who has Illusions all look like they use ranged weapons. The rest seem more like they don’t. Now I’m going to put in a chart with my thoughts on them:

Animal- Girl- jet black hair, stunning blue eyes- looks like she is more into swords and stuff.

Soul Seer- Boy- violet hair and silver eyes- looks like he’s into the same as the animal girl
Elemental- girl- lime green hair and neon yellow eyes- seems like she’s a physical fighter.

Natural- boy- bright red hair and aqua blue eyes- looks like he traps people.

Ghost- girl- white hair and red eyes. albino- Looks like she sneaks up on people.

Shifter- girl- looks goth with blonde hair and dark green eyes- Looks like she traps people.

Horror- girl- pale skin and light red hair with red eyes- looks like she uses ranged weapons

Volume- boy- neon green hair and golden eyes- looks like he uses blades.

Seer- girl- light blue hair and silver eyes- looks like she’s a physical fighter

Illusion- girl- blood red hair and dark blue eyes- looks like she uses ranged weapons

Portal- boy- orange hair with red and blue streaks and purple eyes- looks like he’s a physical fighter.

Meteorological- girl- dark grey hair and copper eyes- looks like she traps people.

Hidden- boy- dark green hair and brown eyes- looks like he uses ranged weapons.
Echo- boy- light purple hair and salmon pink eyes- looks like he uses swords and stuff.

Spirit- girl- light silver hair and grey eyes- looks like a physical fighter.

Well, at least now I know what each one looks like, and have a guess at how they fight. That’s good enough for tonight. I’ll figure out more tomorrow.


So it’s finally the day the battles start. Butterflies are fluttering around in my stomach. But there’s no going back. I examine the outfit my scientist wants me to wear today. It’s a dark green shirt that looks sort of metallic. At a closer glance I see that it resembles chains liked together. It must be hard to cut. I have dark brown pants that seem like they’re made of material that will shed water. I have a belt made out of a stiff material that seems like it would be hard to break. I get a pair of socks that are furry on the inside and on the outside seem to be made of the same things as the pants. I get boots that seem to be made out of wire and a simple jacket.
I’m all dressed to go, so I walk over to where my spears are laying and slide them into the arrow quiver I’ve turned into a storage for them. I turned it upside down and stabbed the bottom of the spears through it. I then wrap a cloth band around the shafts to stop them from sliding out the top. I can rip it off in an instant, and if I need more, I can rip it off the jacket.
My scientist, Secret, gives me the pack she’s prepared for me. I also get a weather report of the area. It’s currently 90 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny. I’ll put my jacket in the bag when I get there. It’s time to get on the plane now.


I’m finally here. In the forests where The Battles will take place. I’m safe for now, as the others will be places far away. I’ve checked my bag to see what’s in there. The current contents are: a spool of wire, a dull knife, a large rock, several more strips of cloth, a small towel, a 2 gallon plastic bottle of water, a few loafs of bread, several apples, 3 cans of soup, a plastic container, a watch, batteries, a newspaper, a bird whistle, and a box of matches. I also have my clothes and my two spears.
I think I’lL do fine with this stuff. First I’ll sharpen the knife. It’ll be more useful sharp then dull. Then I’ll rearrange the objects to make the bag thinner. I’ve tied my jacket around my waist so the pack isn’t thickened because of it. I can reuse the bottle of water, and if I need more wire I can undo my boots to get more. I think my socks will work fine without the boots.


It’s been a few days since The Battles started, and I haven’t seen a single person. I’m starting to wonder what’s going on. Maybe everyone is trying to stay away from each other. It seems kind of ... odd. I mean, how do they expect us to die if we don’t fight each other? Unless they have something in the woods to kill us off.
I believe the sky is a camera, allowing the scientists to watch us. The light from it comes from every direction, and beats down all the time until night. Then the light dims greatly. You can still see though.
I’m still working on finding my way around. I’ve found a large river that is crystal clear. It’s full of drinkable water. I found a cave near it, and that’s where I’ve been staying. It’s easy to defend, and not very deep. You can only exit the way you entered, and there’s not more than one entrance. It’s surrounded by trees, and more of a hole in the ground behind some shrubs than a hole in a cliff.
It’ll work for now. I don’t dare leave the area near the stream. It seems like a good enough place to defend. I’ve set up several animal traps and snares in the woods, and already caught several rabbits. I can cook them over a fire then keep the left overs in the plastic container. I won’t run out of food here either.
Someone has to find this soon, and then I guess I’ll have to kill them. It doesn’t seem right. But I have to remember that they’ll take these resources, and it might not be safe anywhere else. I might have stumbled on the only safe spot in the woods.


I found a person, but they ended up being my ally instead of my enemy. It’s the Elemental girl, Cesium. She uses twin daggers. She knows the name of the others, too. The animal girl is named Crow, the male Soul Seer is named Orbit, the male natural is named Flicker, the Ghost girl is named LunarStellar, the female shifter is named Rex, the female horror is named Solrent, the volume boy is named Swift, the seer girl is named Crystals, the female illusions is named Phobia, the portal boy is named sphere, the meteorological girl is named Spectrum, the male hidden is named Rivot, the echo boy is named Spire, and the spirit girl is named Poltergeist.
Cesium seemed glad for my friendship. Maybe we could work something out where we both live. She helps me kill the animals we need for food, and stands guard with me. I can finally get some sleep.

Part three-

Well, I was following this stream when I met this kid. He has Ice blue hair and lavender eyes. He uses two spears. I went up to him, and we stared each other down for a few minutes. Then we both decided to come to an agreement. We’ll work together for now.
Well, part of my mission is completed. Meet up with another experiment and join forces with them. Now I just have to ally with the others. Then we can escape.
The scientists will just kill the person who wins. But if we escape, they can’t kill us. They are not permitted by any government to enter the country. By kidnapping us, they just broke the law. So we’ll be safe if we escape.
The only thing that I have to do in part one is to convince the others that we should escape. Part two is planning the escape and part tree is actually escaping. I guess we’ll have to stick together after we escape, but we can think about that later. At least we all know German. If we all didn’t, I don’t know how we could plan an escape.
And this location is perfect for finishing part one. I bet all the experiments will come here at one point. The more agree with me, the more can convince people to join. And I’m not leaving anyone behind in my escape plan. No one. If I can’t get them all to go along with it, it won’t work.
My mom’s Tornado and my dad’s Flash. I know about the lab. If we escape and spread the word then maybe my family can have a normal life for once. I also don’t want anyone else to be experimented on. It’s to protect them too.
Goodnight. I’ll update you when I recruit a new member.


Well, we got a new member. The animal girl. Her name is crow. She has jet black hair and bright blue eyes. She uses a broadsword to slash at people. Apparently she was Buddhist, and didn’t really want to kill anyone anyway. She joined us fast.
She scouts for us, growing crow wings to fly. Apparently she hasn’t seen anyone else yet. But that’s OK. They’ll come soon. Then we can convince them to join us.
Crow has also been helpful with gathering food. She knows which plants can be eaten and which can’t. She also knows a lot about plants that can be used to heal. When we put all our food together, we have enough to last us a while, plus the addition of wild game and plants. Sometimes we catch several fish and cook them too. Crow and I also got plastic containers, so each of us packs a little food before we go anywhere. We can refill the water bottles we have at the stream.
We’ll be able to live for a while like this. If we get even more allies, then we’ll have even more ways to get food while we wait for more people to come.
Both Brennan and Crow know about my plan, and agree with it. We’ll work together on it. It’s better than working alone. And in return for them helping me, I’ve been telling them all I know about the lab.
Surprisingly, they don’t hold the fact that my parents are scientists against me. I know this’ll work out. I’ll write more later, especially when I get more to join me. Here’s my checklist of people:

Brennan- X
Crow- X


I hate the rain. Today we were all confined to the cave, as it was raining and none of us wanted to go out into the rain. I hope it doesn’t pollute our drinking water.
We’ve been hearing strange noises from the woods around the river. Maybe it’s the stuff the scientists put in the woods to kill us. I don’t think I’ve heard any of it before, and neither have the others. Maybe it’s some kind of new beast.
At least if it kills other competitors, the scientists will tell us. So it won’t mess up my plan if some experiments die.
I guess I’m going to go check the area around the woods now.


OH MY GOD! What the hell was that?
See, I went outside to check the area. I didn’t see anyone, and so I was like ‘Okay!’ and ready to go back in so I turned around to go back to the cave.
Then I heard this horribly loud, unnatural screech coming from behind me. It sounded sorta bird-like. I spun back around to see what made it, and then something swooped at me.
It was large and dark grey, appearing black. It had glowing red eyes, and a lighter grey beak. It looked almost like and owl combined with a man.
I have no idea what it was. I’m going to tell the others when they wake up. I don’t think that the woods are safe. They’re probably filled with horrible stuff like that. Maybe another experiment would know more about the topic than me.


I haven’t seen a wandering experiment in days. I guess they collected the rain water and used that for water instead of coming to the creek. I guess I’ll have to go find them myself.
I won’t bring the others with me, it might endanger them. I’ll do this alone. I’ve already written the note to tell them what I’m doing. I’ll just have to hope that they don’t follow me.
Well, I’m off. Maybe I’ll find someone now.

Part Four-
Rex’s journal

~Entry ten~

Meh. I haven’t written in this since the battles started, so I’m writing in it now.
You already have gotten the point that I can shape shift into whatever I want. Well, any animal I want.
I hate this place, in fact, I hate this world. But that’s just life, isn’t it? Especially when you’re stuck in a freaking forest with a camera over your head. And surrounded by all these random people you have to kill. Life especially sucks then.
And I miss my snakes. I hope Sliver is taking good care of them. Sliver is my twin brother by the way. Yeah, I have weird parents. They named us odd things. And then dad left for some reason mom never told us. So my life got even more hectic.
I hope I can see my family soon. They’re the only people I can feel normal around. And all my stuff is back home.
This place still is boring after a week. At least I think it’s been a week. There was this stupid mist that wouldn’t go away.
Did I already mention how much this place sucks? Yes, I did. Well I’m going to restate that. This forest sucks.
If you’re reading this and wish you were here, I would gladly change places with you. But you could never go back on that. And you would be stuck here till you died, and I would be back with my family.
All the people here look weird. The only person that I can see my self being friends with is that Horror girl. She looks like she wouldn’t tease me and crap like that.
My school at home is full of annoying people. They are ANNOYING. “You should wear pink.” “Sparkle more!” “EWWWW! Why not wear makeup?” Those are all things they say. When they’re not gossiping, of course. I mean, what else do females do then gossip about people. And talk behind peoples backs. Except for me it’s not really talking ‘behind my back’ because I can hear every word they say. Every word. It’s kind of funny how they think you can’t hear them but you really can.
Speaking of hearing stuff, this forest is WAY to quiet. It’s like they have some giant animal that’s going to come and trample us all. It’s kinda creepy. Not like anything is really that creepy. Even zombies. They aren’t creepy-at least to me.
I’ll write more later, though there’s no telling when. Especially in this freaking forest where there’s always mist. If I find that Meteorological girl, I’m going to beat her within an inch of death for creating this freaking fog.


Well, I have two companion now, though it’s not human. It’s a hellhound and a chupacabra. Apparently they released a bunch of cryptids into the woods and expected them to kill us off. What morons! I mean, cryptids always are made out to be horrible creatures that kill people. That is an extremely common misconception.
In reality, cryptids won’t hurt you unless you hurt them. They don’t go around killing people for food, as they common belief says. Sure, they might eat a person they killed, but they certainly don’t kill them for food. There are enough wild animals and livestock to keep them going for a really long time.
And cryptids don’t want to ‘kill us all’ either. They just want to live peacefully beside us, without being killed off. We need to work to conserve them, not kill them off.
They don’t deserve to be exterminated just like snakes or wolves. They are just predators that do what naturally comes to them.
Yeah, I know a lot about cryptozoology. It has been my interest ever since I was little.
Anyway, I call the Hellhound Thanatos and the chupacabra Chi.
Thanatos is a really sweet dog. She enjoys hunting prey, but always comes back. Yes, Thanatos is a girl. Just shut up and live with it. And also, it is often said that if you see a hellhound three times you’ll die. I assure you, that only happens if it is not in a good mood. If it’s in a good mood, you won’t die, even if you see it ten times.
I don’t actually know Chi’s gender. It enjoys sucking the blood out of kills that Thanatos made. It IS true that chupacabra’s suck blood, but they don’t go around killing people. Chi also enjoys hanging upside down from the roof. Don’t ask me why.
If there are other cryptids out there, maybe I can befriend them too.


I’ve added The Mothman, several thylacines and several megalania to my friends.
The Mothman is a moth-like humanoid that appeared in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It appeared to many people, but disappeared after the Silver Bridge collapse. Many people believe it caused the crash, but in reality, it was warning denizens of Point Pleasant about the crash. It is dark grey with stunning red eyes.
The thylacine is a supposedly extinct marsupial that roamed the island of Tasmania, which is south of Australia. They are also called Tasmanian Wolves or Tasmanian Tigers. They are tan with dark brown stripes and stunning green or blue eyes.
The megalania is an extinct lizard that lived on australia. It is over 30 ft long. It’s light green in color with dark brown eyes.


I’m out in the woods now. I was sheltering in a cave, but I’ve decided it’s time to move out. The Mothman, thylacines, megalania, Thanatos, and Chi have come with me along with a Bigfoot I call splinters. If you don’t know what Bigfoot is, I feel bad for you.
I guess I’ll have to find someone else to team up with, maybe we can escape together. And I’m defiantly escaping. I’ve made up my mind. I’m taking all the cryptids with me, too. Mom and Sliver both believe, and we already have several dragons who are starting a population.
Mom works at this cryptid reserve she created. No one else works there, but Sliver and I help her. Currently she only has dragons, phenixes, and unicorns, so she’ll be happy with these.
And I’m sure that the cryptids wouldn’t mind staying there. No humans will bother them, and they have 50 acres of land to roam around on.
Mom’s reserve is 50 acres across, that’s excluding the mountain. There’s a mountain in the middle of the reserve that’s 2,100 ft. high. The reserve is also filled with prey animals and has most biomes on earth.
We live on an island off the coast of new jersey. No one has found the island because the cryptids on it have created a powerful shield which hides it from normal human eyes. Sliver and I don’t go to school, either.
I’ll describe the creatures so if I die and this journal is shown to the world, they’ll get a proper view on at least dragons, unicorns and phenixes.

First, there are the dragons. Dragons are kind creatures, contrary to popular belief. They do not really eat maidens or children or people in general. They actually eat large animals, such as elephants. They capture the maidens not for food, but because they are captivated by their hair.
Dragons are obsessed with anything shiny. Anything at all. They use the gems to protect their underbelly, and some can secrete a sticky saliva so that gems stick in their throat and on the roof of their mouth. This helps protect their throat from whatever their breath weapon is.
Not all dragons breathe fire, either. Some breathe acid, or a torrent of water. Some breathe toxic gas. It all depends on the dragons choice, as they choose what they breathe. Fire is a popular choice because it allows them to sear their food.
And dragons aren’t all the same color. There’s every hue, and then multi-colored dragons. And some of the dragons rule over stuff. For example, my good friend Nacht-chi (who is a dragon) is the dragon lord of death. And even if a dragon came from a line of mostly red dragons, it could be blue or yellow, as a dragons color comes from the pigment of the natural thing or things it is linked to.

Next is the phenixes. I honestly can’t say I know much about them, as I work more with the dragons, and Sliver works with the phenixes.
They are linked to fire, and get energy from it. They can also do several fire-related things. They can be any hue of the rainbow, and always have gold or silver eyes. They are quicker than dragons, and are just as intelligent. They tend to prey on deer and their relatives.

Finally, there are the unicorns. I have one important thing to say about them. They are NOT peaceful creatures. In fact, they are rude and vain. They believe that the world revolves around them. They enjoy insulting anything else with ears. They also have a short temper. Mom mostly works with them.
There are many species of unicorn, and each has their own unique ability and linked natural thing. There is especially a lot of insults going between the different types. I don’t know a lot about unicorns either.
Well there you go. I debunked more common misconceptions about cryptids. Congrats. oh, and all cryptids can speak english.

Part Five-

I’m hating this forest more and more every day. Actually, every night. I keep getting attacked by creatures I can’t see.
I wanna get out of here and get home. I don’t wanna stay here anymore. But I guess I have to. There’s no way out, that I know of.
So I’m going to take a walk through the forest. I guess I’ll end up adding more later.


I saw some other girl today. She was wearing dark dark blue. I don’t think she saw me. THINK. She might have, but she didn’t show any sign that she did.
Anyway, I found this stream in the middle of the forest. The water is drinkable, so I think I’ll follow it and see where it takes me. I guess it’ll give me something to do. And It’s not a bad idea. There’ll be food by the stream, and it had fresh water.
I better start walking. If I live I’ll write more later.


People, or should I say experiments. I found another like me, her name was Cesium. Like that element, number 55. She’s the Element girl. She’s trying to gather all the experiments and escape. I’ll go along with what she says. I mean, it can’t hurt me, and it’ll give me protection. Groups are better then going solo.
I went with her, and met the other experiments she’d recruited. There’s Brennan the Psychic and Crow the Animal girl.
I guess I’m going to stay with them now. Whether that’s for better or for worse, I can’t say yet. I’ll write more later.


I never thought I would be so grateful for rabbits. They’re the only thing keeping me alive right now. And I thought I would never be eating rabbit.
I’ve made several discoveries about the other experiments here.
First, Crow is really annoying. She enjoys throwing dead animals at people. DEAD animals. It would be better if she threw live animals.
Second, Cesium is actually from the lab, and she knows SO much about it. And she still needs to find all the other experiments.
Third, Brennan has little training in using his ability. WHen he tries it often doesn’t work.
Well, I’m stuck with these people, so I better get to like them. Goodnight.


.... We found a dead experiment, the Portal boy. His name is Sphere. Well, we THINK it’s the Portal boy. Whoever it was’s head was ripped off. Cesium thinks it is.
Yeah.... It’s disturbing.... I need sleep.


.... That. Was. Horrifying.
So, we met the Volume boy. His name is, well was, Swift. He was all for the cause, and ready to help us hunt rabbits.
We went out in the forest, and saw a rabbit, so Swift pulled out a knife, and was sneaking up behind the rabbit. I heard something in the bushes, and was about to yell to him, but before the words could leave my mouth something shot out of the bushes at him. It was a GIANT CENTIPEDE. It bit Swift repeatedly, and he ran into the woods. The giant centipede followed. A few minutes later we went into the woods, but Swift’s tracks stopped in the middle of the woods. We couldn’t find him.
I wonder who will be next. This must be how the scientists want us to die. I’m guessing that the woods are filled with creatures like the giant centipede.


I think Cesium has a fear of wolves. I guess it would be called Lupinephobia or Lupiphobia or something like that. We heard a wolf howl and she SCREAMED at the top of her lungs. I don’t think that was good for concealing our location.
And Brennan is afraid of butterflies and moths. He ran away when one landed on a nearby tree.
Crow is afraid of needles. Not just ones on syringes. Cesium pulled out a needle and a piece of thread to sew her pants leg up. Crow literally ran and hid in her tent.
So that leaves me to what I’m afraid of. This is going to sound really stupid, but I’m afraid of this country that starts with a ‘R’ and is in between Europe and Asia. I can’t write it or I’ll freak out. Mom took me there when I was little, and I fell off a wall into an animal enclosure, but I was fine. One of the zookeepers that came to get me wasn’t. That leads to my second fear. Knees. The zookeeper snapped both of their legs. I’m afraid of everyone’s knees snapping.
And I think we all are afraid of the woods, or rather what lives in the woods. And I don’t think any of us are going to get over it.
On a happier note, I think the fish are migrating. We’re catching WAY more then we were before. So we have variety in our diet. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


I just have to stop a moment and think. At home right know I would be sitting in school. Studying hard for the next test. In here I’m sitting trying to figure out what’s in the woods. They need to teach us more useful stuff in school. I mean, knowing how to solve a two-step equation can be useful, I admit, but it’s really not going to help you if your house burns down and your trying to survive in the woods.
Just like how knowing how to write a friendly letter isn’t going to be useful after the apocalypse. All the survivors are going to be trying to find something that’s safe to eat, not delivering letters to each other.
And in these Battle things, knowing the name of every river in Lichenstine, or however you spell it .... It’s that little country that’s by Switzerland ... I believe, or knowing how to find the theme of a book isn’t going to help. Stuff like learning how to climb trees and tie tight knots is going to help. Being here makes you question what the teach in schools. Seriously Question it.
Yeah. Night.

Part Six-
Solrent’s Journal


THe last few days have been stupid. I found out that I can turn into a ghost, vampire, or werwolf by some crazy lady, and then told I had to go into the woods and kill 15 other people then be killed my self.
And so now, I’m in the middle of the woods. And I HATE being in the woods. There’s all these animals that run around below the tree I ended up sleeping in. They haven’t been able to scale it ... yet. I think I need to get a move on. Get out of here, or at least the woods. Then I can think of what to do.
And I can be away from the animals. I think they killed someone.
I was taking a walk in the forest yesterday, to see if I could find a way out. I came to a clearing that was coated with blood.
There were several crystals scattered all over the ground. I think it was the Seer girl. I believe her name was Crystals or Gems or something like that.
Anyway, there were dog-like tracks leading from the clearing. I wonder what got her. I don’t think I’ll figure it out.


I literally ran into another experiment. Rex, the shifter girl. She and I decided to team up and try to get out of the woods.
She has a bunch of odd animals that she’s befriended, she calls them cryptids. She has a giant dog with glowing red eyes that she calls a hellhound, a panther-like creature with scales and red eyes she calls a chupacabra, a Bigfoot, several dogish mammals that are called Thylacines, a moth-like man-like creature called Mothman, and several giant lizards that she calls megalania.
I’m guessing that something like them killed the Seer girl. Something like the Hellhound, whose name is Thanatos. Or the Chupacabra whose name is Chi. The Bigfoot’s name is Splinter.


We have two new members.
First; a mega snake who we named Hemorrhaging. It’s a giant Gaboon Pit Viper. It’s really sweet, though.
Second; the Natural boy, his name is Flicker. We found him near the center of the woods, under a bush. Apparently the Spirit girl shot him in the side. She was with several other experiments, which means we’re not the only alliance. Maybe we should meet with them!
Anyway, we don’t know if Flicker’s going to live. We got the arrow out, and Rex tore up a rag we had lying around to stop the bleeding. We put the cryptids on guard around him. And the hellhound caught us several deer. We have food for a while now.


Flicker did manage to survive, and he’s finally healthy enough to move around. So he lead us into the center of the woods where there was a stream. There we met Crow, the Animal girl. We met up with Brennan- the Psychic boy, Poltergeist- the Spirit girl, and Cesium- the Element girl. Cesium wanted to gather all the experiments and escape with them. We gathered everything we so far knew, and found that Crystals-the Seer, Swift- the Volume, Spectrum- the Meteorological, and Sphere- the Portal are all dead.
So there are 12 experiments left, unless more died without us knowing.

I’m going to make a list of the living people and whether they are with us yet.

Brennan- X
Cesium- X
Flicker- X
Rex- X
Solrent- X
Poltergeist- X

We have the better portion of the people. We only need 5 more! THen we can escape.


We got two more people. LunarStellar and Orbit. They’ve been traveling down the stream for days, and haven’t seen anyone. I wonder where the other three are.
Almost. It’s almost time to escape.
LunarStellar is the Ghost girl, and Orbit is the Soul Seer boy.
You know, it’s odd that the FBI or something like that hasn’t found this yet. Very odd.


Do you wanna hear something funny? Well, the cryptids- at least most of them- don’t want to kill us. Heh! The scientists are really dumb.
Anyway, Cesium started planning our escape. We’re going to find the edge of the camera, and then smash it. Then we can leave through the gap. It’ll have to be quick, but we can make it.
We just need three more people. Three more. Then we can get out of this horrible place.

~Section~ ~One~


Section Two-
Return Home

Part One-
Rex’s Journal


We finally are ready to escape. We got Phobia- the illusions girl, Rivot- the Hidden boy, and Spire- the Echo boy.
The others are getting ready to move out at this moment. Should I tell them? No. They’ll figure it out soon enough. I wonder who’ll live.


Heh. I can’t believe they haven’t realized yet. The fact of where we are. The camera roof should be enough of a clue for them to figure it out. I guess they’re just stupid.
Even I could have figured it out, but I knew already. Sliver found info on this and we decided I should present my self to be an experiment. Since it’s full of cryptids, we could bring a lot back for mom.
Sliver hacked their site, and we know all about this place. ALL about it. We know all the flaws, the traps, the location.


I honestly hope that Solrent will live. And Flicker. I wonder if i should tell them. No, Sliver and I decided not to. I’m not going back on that. I’ll take the rest of the survivors to the island. I’m sure that they would help our work there. And the cryptids I befriended have gathered the others to escape with us. We have several adult dragons who have offered to carry the rest of the cryptids.
Anyway, we found the edge. It’s obviously a camera. So now the other experiments have decided to break it. As if that will help us escape.
I’ll let them break it, though. If the whole thing breaks, we’re good. I just have to hope it will. We should be able to escape out the top ... if it all breaks.


Well, they broke the camera, but all Hell broke loose too.
They realized where they are too. In the lab.
Heh. It took them long enough. I mean, they didn’t figure that out until it was over. Their lives, I mean.
Or at least most of their lives were over. I managed to save Flicker, Solrent, Spire, and Poltergeist.
anyway, so they smashed the camera, and the whole thing came raining down. Phobia and Orbit were crushed instantly. One of the dragons risked their lives saving Flicker Solrent, Spire, Poltergeist, and I. We ended up on a large green dragon’s back. As we flew off, I looked back at the survivors. The scientists came out of the lab wielding guns. They started shooting down the living experiments. By the time we had gotten out of there, we think the experiments on the ground were all dead.
The rest of the experiments were in tears, exept for me. I wonder if I did the right thing, leaving them behind. I guess I’ll never know.
Well, I escaped. That horror is over. And no, I’m not talking about to Solrent. I’m talking about the whole Battles thing. And I got the cryptids. i can’t wait to show mom.
Now all I have to do is to get home in one piece.


I’m almost home. Back in Germany. The lab was in Australia.
I can’t wait! I’m almost back with my family. And my new friends are coming with me. We decided that the best thing for them to do was to come with me. So they are.
Mom will be so happy! And the dragons and the cryptids have agreed to stay with us.


I’m finally back home! Finally!
Mom went completely insane in the joy of me coming back and all the cryptids. She’s also happy that the rest of the experiments came to join us.
Sliver is happy that I actually came home again. He was starting to think that going there wasn’t a good idea for me.
And do you wanna hear the ironic thing? We arrived on Mom’s birthday. So we ended up as her birthday presents. And I guess we were much better then what she normally gets.
It’s still hard to believe that we survived. Even though I couldn’t save everyone that I wanted too, I’m pretty proud of myself.
I wonder what will happen next. I mean, it seems kinda odd for all the tension of being in The Battles to just end without warning. But I guess that’s just what happens in life.


Everything’s working out fine. Fine in the sense that nothing’s been killed or seriously injured since we got out of The Battles.
I mean, we’re living on an island with a bunch of cryptids. It’s kinda amazing that everyone’s okay.
We expanded the house so we have enough rooms that everyone can have one. We also added new pens to the island for the new cryptids.
Our pens are large, so the cryptids have much room to roam. And each pen only has one type of cryptid.
Anyway, it kinda feels like a vacation. After being thrown into stress for several weeks, then going to the most peaceful place you can think of is really odd. It feels like you’re going to be thrown back in stress again. At least I feel comfortable here. And Mom, Sliver, and I try to make everyone else feel comfortable.
The cryptids also are comfortable in their new home. They’re all adjusting well. We had to buy a LOT of sheep and cows to feed them. We’re hoping they reproduce so we don’t have to buy many more. We had to go pick the animals up and take them across the ocean to the island. That adds to the price a lot.


Somehow, Brennan and Cesium survived. They also found us, which at first we thought was miraculous, but it wasn’t as amazing as we though.
They managed to get on a dragon, which took them here. It found us because it was one of our old dragons that had disappeared around the same time that I did.
And we have more help. I still feel kinda guilty about leaving the others behind, but Brennan and Cesium agreed that the other experiments were dead.
Sliver and I decided not to tell them that we knew that the forest was in the lab. They might get mad and blame us. Then they might leave, and we need the help.


Things really got better a few years after we escaped. Everyone got settled in, and nothing TERRIBLE has happened.
I mean, Brennan almost lost his arm, and Solrent got stabbed through the leg by an unicorn’s horn. Solrent’s leg soon healed, and Brennan just stopped getting near the Megalania. Other than that, nothing has happened.


Somehow, half of us fell in love with each other. At least half of us LOOK like we fell in love with each other. The other half doesn’t. I, personally, am part of the half that does NOT look like I fell in love. And sadly, Sliver is part of the other group.
But whatever. I’m not him, and he’s DEFIANTLY not me. I can’t control him, and he can’t control me. And I’m not going to try and stop him from looking like that. It’s NOT worth the effort.
And to top that we act completely different off, he’s in love with Cesium. Yeah... at one point I hated Cesium. I don’t hate her anymore, but I did.


... ... ... I don’t know what to do. Everyone else is being all lovey and stuff, but I don’t wanna! I just don’t know what to do! AT ALL!

Section Two- WAY in the Future

Section Two-
Angelskye’s Journal


Mommy’s been looking nervous about Brennankinz new idea. He wants to create a school for their children to work with the cryptids and their powers. Daddy’s been all like, “It’s okay, Rex, I think it’ll work.”
Muffinkinz wants to do the idea, but I think he’s just stupid. Mommy keeps saying, “See Spire, what if Muffle and Angelskye get killed!”
I don’t think Mothykinz and tiger-wolfkinz or dragonkinz would hurt us. They’re too nice!
But Mommy thinks they would.


I wanna compile notes on my familyish people.

First, there’s my mom- Rexkinz and my dad- Spirekinz.
Then there’s me- Angelskyler(but I just go by Angelskye) and my brother- Mufflekinz (But I call him Muffinkinz).
After that there’s my aunt- Cesiumkinz, and my uncle- Sliverkinz and their children- thalliumkinz, Featherkinz, and Slightkinz.
There’s also Brennankinz and Poltergeistkinz with Geistkinz. And Solrentkinz and Flickerkinz with Tornadickinz, Hurricanekinz, and Rainbowkinz.
Oh! And all the cryptids too. I count them as family.


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