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Post  Umbreon101 on Thu Aug 18, 2011 3:06 pm

ok, intros to Charries in ET for DOD. (i said i would get them all together. ill be posting cover art soon, too)

there may be a few things i have changed, but other than that, this is what was written:

Rediah (Red) Umbreon101:
a taller, somewhat violent 18-year-old girl who raised herslef. she learned to fight early on in life, and has always been a talented pyromancer. within three months at the ARC (A.rmy R.ecruitment C.enter) she reached the rank "Captin" and scored a nearly impossible 97% on her training exams. she is obsessed with anything to do with the 21st century.

Nex, Umbreon101:
a cold-hearted 14-year-old girl. born and raised a human, she turned from her species due to her depressed luife full of torment. she scarred her forehead and joined the Ling at age 12. has an expansive knowledge of 21st century music. she often tried to ruin relationships, secretly out of jealousy..

Melissa, Aquadancergreen:
Melissa was a kind-hearted girl, if a bit nerdy and a history-lover. she lover the human race, and tried to become friends with everyone she met. her parents died at s very young age, her father was closest to her. he had her yellow eyes. he would always call her "Daisy" so when the Ling killed him, Melissa vowed to join the human army, and kill every Ling she met...

Longa, deathofdemons:
Longa is an average looking, short 17-year-old from the slums. he hated Lings after they attacked the slum town, and thought they took Stella away. then he met a dog called Dert, who later turned out to be the masked man who taught him basic skills. he only joined the army through a promise of a place to live. he carries two SMGs as weapons and can read minds, but rarely chooses to.

Stella, tricerbug:
Stella is a pretty, illiterate, loving person. she lost her parents, sister, and most of her village, to the Lings. she lived in the slums from the time she was seven. Stella had the nickname of "Elf" in the slums because of her height and how good she was at snatching food from the Lings. when they destroyed the slums, she joined the human army and has not yet killed any lings.

more to come soon. ^^

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