Just a bit of mineral research

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Just a bit of mineral research Empty Just a bit of mineral research

Post  Umbreon101 on Wed Jun 15, 2011 5:51 pm

you're probably wondering why i'm researching minerals, right? well, a friend of mine saw i was wearing a scorpion necklace. next to the necklace was a blue gem formed into a heart. my friend said it was made of a (very expensive) mineral called loptis lazoli. i wanted to be sure, so i google searched it. turns ou, my friend was WRONG. :3 (i like to prove people worng it's fun to be smart. :3 ) anyway, i always thought it was turquoise, so i searched that. i was RIGHT. :3 and i scrolled down on the article, which leads me to the purpose of this: the mystical properties of various minerals. enjoy my research.

Turqouise: (Wikipedia) was once thought to change color with the owner's heath, though this was proven wrong. also protects the wearer from unwanted (demonic, "vampyric" (kalic, you are a little liar), ect.) forces.

Fluorite: (Minerals Zone) is believed to increase awareness and unlock hidden pathways in the mind to "higher dimentions of light."

Tiger's Eye: (Minerals Zone) "This stone is perfect for people in need of more confidence to accomplish their goals. It helps people to recognize self resources and use it for the attainment of their dreams apart from making them judge situations and determine the best possible way to approach it."

and thats all i really wanted to research. XP i got bored.


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